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Dinner . . . Veggie and YUM!!

I didn’t have the energy to make the Homemade Black Bean Burgers from Veggie Venture or the Cuban Black Bean Patties from Loser for Life.

Instead I made my own concoction, using some of the veggies that have been sitting in my fridge for a while.

I sauteed a little bit of red and white onion in olive oil. Then added half a white potato (unpeeled, the peel has all the nutrients) and put the top on to let it steam and cook. I put some lentils on to cook and asparagus to steam in the mean time. Then I added to the concoction I had steaming/cooking some cooked rice, balsamic vinegar, and juice from half a lemon. Once the lentils were done I added those in. When the asparagus was done I cut it up and added it in.

It’s not pretty, but it was yummy!

It was really really good. There were leftovers, so I’m taking those for lunch at work tomorrow. I’m hoping it tastes good tomorrow! Maybe some parmesan cheese on top?

This is encouraging. I know I can feed my Italian one thing and make something else for myself. I will be able to follow a more plant based diet. I can’t bring myself to fully commit to a vegetarian diet, but I am being drawn more and more to that idea.



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