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The Night Before

my 10k. I don’t know why I’m so nervous about this race! I did it last year, it was TONS of fun and I really enjoyed myself. But this year I’m nervous.

I am in better shape than I was last year. Maybe it’s because I really think I can meet my personal goal of 90 minutes this year. The only thing stopping me is my self and if my shin splint flares up again. I was working out tonight and it showed back up. Not as bad as on Wednesday, but enough that I did ease off of it. I still got a good work-out in though. I didn’t do the 30-Day shred tonight because, honestly, I’m really afraid of actually doing some damage!

Am I over dramatizing this? I may be. I don’t know. I’m prone to doing things like that. But I am going to call my doc on Monday to make an appointment. I need to get my thyroid levels checked anyway. I’d also like to run my new exercise routine and diet past him to just get the official OK.

(And have him check out my shin, make sure I’m not creating a stress fracture. I can’t have a stress fracture in my legs! I drive a stick shift! I need both of them fully functional!!)

Dinner was yummy tonight. I made whole wheat linguine pasta and I added broccoli and a roma tomato to my bowl of pasta (I’m a bad blogger, I didn’t take a picture). My Italian had butter and ham added to his.



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