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Italian Peanut Butter

Who knew? My Italian is turning into a foodie!

Admittedly, I’m actually sorta happy about it. It means his tastebuds are expanding and becoming more adventurous! (I hope.)

We (at his insistence) made banana peanut butter this weekend. It tasted alright. Sorta like raw peanuts. The bananas were still pretty green (in my opinon) so I only used 1/2 of one. Next time I’ll use more banana . . . except he wants to do honey next time. (Which works for me!)

The other problem . . . Well ya see . . . It just simply won’t spread. So I’ve been pulling it out of the jar and smushing and stretching it onto the bread.

Maybe we need to add oil? Or use non-blanched peanuts . . . ones that are totally raw?

I have no idea. Or maybe my poor food processor just isn’t built for making peanut butter. I don’t know.

Have you made peanut butter from scratch before? Help!



2 thoughts on “Italian Peanut Butter

  1. Are you interested in using other nuts/seeds than peanut butter? Walnuts are very fatty, so they make a smoother butter. But in general, using a little bit of honey/oil is a good idea to get it a bit creamier. I typically use homemade nut butters to spread on fruit rather than bread because it’s easier to put on fruit when it’s super thick like that.

    I prefer the taste of dry-roasted nuts, for the most part, but try using raw walnuts! Or cashews. They both work really well.

    Posted by Sagan | November 9, 2010, 5:10 pm

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