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Yoga Feet

I’ve been LOVING the yoga (and yoga blend) classes I’ve been taking, but I’m coming across a problem. Was wondering if anyone else had this problem as well.

Sweaty feet.

Sweaty bare feet.

And it makes my mat all slippery! Am I just a sweaty person? (Well . . . duh . . . yes.)

Have you ever come across this problem? Do I just stop and wipe my feet off? (I’m gonna have to bring a foot towel then. No way I’m wiping my feet and my face with the same towel. Foot sweat on my face? Eeewww!)

Yoga mats are supposed to be sticky . . . yes? Albeit, I am/have been borrowing Mom’s mat, so maybe the sticky is worn off?

(I do plan on getting my own mat soon.)

In other news . . . I am making moves in breaking up with the gym I’m currently a member at and joining the gym where I’ve been auditing the yoga classes (and a good friend of mine/former neighbor) teaches! Very excited . . . sorta nervous. But it’s more that where I am now is insanely inexpensive and where I’m going is not so much. But it offers so much more!

So . . . yoga feet. Do you get it?



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