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It’s November! When did that happen? To make things worse we’re already halfway through November! What-the-heck!!!

We’ve shuffled the pool day around a bit and right now it’s on Monday night. So tonight when I get home from work, I’ll pack our bags, toss the Italian (bwwaaahhhaaahaha ha haha! Makes him sound like a dressing! ha ha ha) in the van and off we’ll go.

Hopefully I’ll wake up sometime before then. Seriously . . .

I really shouldn’t be tired. We had a wonderfully lazy weekend.

Saturday the Italian woke up with a headache that he determined from lack of sleep/rest, so he canceled the pool and climbed back in bed. (which totally messed up the post I had written the night before  . . . I will post it. It just has to be edited . . . ) So, not to miss extra snooze time I joined him! We both must have needed it. I slept until about 1 and he slept off and on until about 6:30 that evening when he got up for dinner, shower and back to bed.

After he ate he said his headache was totally gone. YAY for sleep and food!

Sunday was church. All. Day. Long.

We had a harvest festival and auction. I have to say . . . We did QUITE well! 🙂

The irony is that we’re trying to get RID of stuff, not get more. But among our loot, we did get a certificate for 2 lbs of venison bolognia.

The Italian has never had venison!

Needless to say, I was shocked, horrified and astonished to hear! I’m totally psyched because I’ve been craving (not quite the right word) venison for quite a while, but not been able to figure out, as I don’t hunt, who or how to get it.

The Commonwealth of Virginia does not allow deer meat to be sold. 😦 #ihazsad

We got home about 3:30 and I cleaned up the kitchen while my Italian got the laundry started. Then we watched the proposal, had dinner and boom, back to sleepy time.

After a discussion of Christmas shopping and such things that make me absolutely insane.

Maybe it was too much sleep? I don’t know, but it took all I had to peel myself out of bed this morning. Actually . . . having to change my Italian’s shoes is what did it. Getting my butt out of bed I mean.

Normally once I’m up and start moving, I’m good. I’m awake and ready to go. It’s quarter after 4 now, and I’m still ready to crawl back into bed! Oy . . . vey . . . !



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