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A New Weapon in the Arsenal

Went to go see Dr. Mini-Giant this morning. My blood work, for the most part sounded good.

My T4 was high. 9.5 And my TSH was fantastic! I thought he said 0.69, but he upped my meds anyway. I’m thinking to lower my T4? (What is T4? Is that the carrier for T3 or is it the other way around . . .)

While I was there . . . I decided to cause some trouble. I asked about desiccated thyroid and after a discussion (in which my Italian asked about cost, ever the bean counter. I love him!) I requested that he switch me over.

And viola! I have a prescription right now . . . as we speak . . . in my grubby lil hands (which, for the record are neither grubby nor little) for ARMOUR!

Wait . . .What?

Wasn’t that reformulated and as bad as Synthroid? *le sigh* Maybe not . . .

I go to fill it tonight and the adventure in desiccated thyroid begins!

Your thoughts on Armour? Yay? Boo? Yay compared to Synthroid?

Does anyone know what T4 is?

(I know, I know. I’m off to go research it like the good little blogger that I am.)



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