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I haz sad

Yes. I ripped it right from I haz cheeburger, but ya know what? It’s true.

Picture 010

Logan-butt, my 4-year old tabby has to go.

Logan sleeping on the top of my dresser

My Italian has put his foot down. (No, I don’t have a picture of a food down. Would be funny though!) The meow has to go. (I hate this.)


This is my plea.

Does anyone want to give a 4-year old male tabby a new home? Logan is an indoor/outdoor (he thinks he’s an outdoor cat, but he’s a wuss about weather), fixed, male (obviously) orange eyed tabby. (He’s absolutely gorgeous.) He really is a good boy. Totally affectionate, cuddly and love to play and get attention. Picture 011

(He also likes to chew on dead plants.)

2 1/2 years ago he had a tendonectomy as opposed to being declawed. Meaning he had the tendons in his paws cut so that he is not be able to extend his front claws.

He’s really a good boy (my baby), he just needs to be an only pet and the center of attention.

Logan Decides I've been on the computer too long.

Unfortunately, our lives just seem to be getting busier and busier. End result, he’s not getting the attention he needs & deserves.

Picture 016 (Logan and Rufus)

We’re also talking about having kids soon and Logan isn’t dealing with Rufus, our other cat, well. I can’t see him taking a baby (and more attention gone) well either.

He really is a fantastic cat. He was the first cat/pet I adopted when I moved out on my own for the final time.

Picture 026

Does anyone want my baby? (Wow, that sounded wrong .  . . but that’s what he is. He’s my baby. As much as I hate to do this, I think it will be best for him (and me) if he finds a new forever home.)

Picture 021

You can comment here, e-mail me, hit me up on facebook. I would love to find him a good home.


(OH! my e-mail . . .  bardessblogger AT gmail DOT com)

 Logan sleeping on the desk



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