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Crazy man making fun

Seriously? Dude of Glatter Fitness is CUH-RAZY!

No. Not really.

Tonight was my first bootcamp. Umm . . . wow.

First off . . . my alien feet . . . (vibram five finger sprints) were fantastic! They worked well and it meant I didn’t have to take off my shoes! (I have Nah-hasty toes/feet) Since the boot camp happens in a gymnastics gym, everything was done barefoot. So YAY for one less thing to feel self conscious about!

Secondly, Michael Glatter, the guy who runs Glatter Fitness bootcamp is really a nice guy. He kept the session fun, even if it was absolutely brutal. OH! And dude is short! That totally caught me off guard.

I’m definitely looking forward to Thursday. Maybe I need to practice doing burpees? I don’t quite get the kicking out into a plank thing. It makes sense, but 1/2 my brain doesn’t trust my feet to catch me (ya know, the whole falling flat on my face thing), & my body listens to that half of my brain.

It’s a whole mind vs. mind-body argument/disconnect.

Okay, time for me to snuggle with my Italian and purring Rufus monster.

Good night!

OH! If you find my phone . . . would you let me know? I can’t find it!



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