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Turning Life on its Head

2011 New Year’s Day came and went and within two and half weeks, the Italian and I have made a couple decisions that will turn our lives upside down and inside out.

  1. We’re trying to get pregnant
  2. We’re looking for/buying a house.

Nothing like making life changing decisions at once and then waiting for it all to come to fruition.

That’s where we are right now with both.


I hate waiting.

I’m not a patient person. I want it NOW! Or at least I WANT TO KNOW NOW!

We sent off our form to pre-qualify yesterday afternoon. Last time we tried to pre-qualify we found out pretty quickly, I want to say that same day or the next that we didn’t qualify on our own for anything.

This year our finances are in immensely better shape. And we’re both working now. Albeit, the Italian is only working part time, but it’s still work and he’s making decent money. If we don’t qualify by ourselves, Mom and Pop Italian said they would help us out.  If they can’t do anything we’ll be moving into a rental house next year.

We do have room in our apartment to expand our family and our apartment is in a prime location. The Italian can get to church by himself. He doesn’t need me to take him. But the houses across the street from the church are WAAAAY out of our reach.

We’re moving because I can’t stand to be in an apartment 1 more year. When the Italian brought up staying I almost burst into tears. I couldn’t/didn’t want to deal with that. As much as I hate moving, I don’t want to stay in the apartment!

Okay . . . enough ranting.

I am excited about becoming homeowners (hopefully) and having a place I can paint the walls without worrying about repainting them to get our security deposit back (which we won’t be).

We’re also trying to get pregnant with our first child.

I turned 30 in September so I have been getting nervous that my time to have kids was/is running out. But, I’ve talked to a lot of first time mom’s who had their children older than I am now. So I’m feeling a little more confident, but still completely anxious, nervous, excited, and thrilled.

But again . . . I want to be pregnant now.

I mean I’m LOVING the trying part. It’s a LOT of fun. And I’ve enjoyed doing the research on ways to help my fertility along. (I do need to research more of how to help the Italian’s along . . . but he’s Italian. He’s all good right?)

But seriously.

I’m glad he’s finally ready to add onto our family (I’ve been ready for at least 6 months, if not longer).

This is truly going to be an exciting year!



2 thoughts on “Turning Life on its Head

  1. Oh I am SO excited for you on all accounts! I had John when I was 30 … one of my closest friends had her daughter (her first) at 46!!!

    Posted by karen | January 14, 2011, 9:03 am

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