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Really? You’re kidding . . .


OY! VEY! What a day! (tee hee, I just rhymed!)

SO!On the way in this morning I hit a MASSIVE pothole. It flattened my tire. I still made it into work and had meant to change it over my lunch . . . weeeeell . . . I sorta forgot.

So after work I attempted to change it, only the lug nuts were on WAY too tight.  (My 200+ pounds standing on the lug wrench did NADA!) So Muskuls (aka Not-the-Bossman) came out and changed my tire for me.

We put my donut on and off I went.


I backed out of the spot and was leaving the parking deck. My car was sounding funny and not too smooth, so when I got down to the bottom level of the parking garage (I had parked on level 3) and  pulled into a parking spot  I checked the tire and cursed.  (Along the lines of  shifucdamn)

So I called AAA and they sent someone out to tow my car. The guy towed me to the Firestone that’s across the street from my house and I walked my little self home.

I got home about 8:30

Tomorrow morning I’ll walk back over to Firestone, have them look at my tire and see if they can’t fix it. If they can, great! If they can’t, I’ll buy 2 new tires (1 for the car, 1 spare) and call it a day.

Papa Italian is coming over to pick up my Italian and take him on his various excursions tomorrow, so I think my Italian’s calling him to see if he can come over earlier so I can take his car to work.


I’m pooped. I’m going to bed. NIGHT!!

How was your day? I’m hoping better than my evening. (Though honestly, it’s sort of funny too. I mean how else do you react to something like that?)



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