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Drama-free . . . Not so much.

Frankly? I’m exhausted.

(I’m sorry, I know my recent posts have been in something of a negative tone, but this has been a BRUTAL week!)

I declared today No-Drama Day.

I probably shouldn’t have done that.

Have you ever noticed when you declare No-Whatever Day, that specific thing seems to come out in full force?

Umm . . . yea.

Logan-butt drama came up (he’s still MIA). More tire drama (is being fixed now . . . sorta.) And of course WORK drama (damn copier still isn’t working right).

Some of it’s gotten itself worked out.

Apparently when I hit the MASSIVE pothole, I bent my rim. (Loverly!) They’re ordering a new rim for me and replacing the tire on it. And their going to do an alignment check to make sure I didn’t screw up anything else. (*sigh*)

Work drama . . . hopefully has been fixed. The copier guy came and fixed . . . another part . . . for the second day in a row. Hopefully it’s working for real now.

Logan-butt drama . . . that’s going to take a while. I’m going to head down to the Richmond shelter to see if someone turned him in there. If he’s there, I’m going to have them re-home him.

I’d love to take him home, but our house is SO much more peaceful since he’s been gone. I hate to disrupt that. The Italian and I are even fighting less!

If he’s not there . . .

I’m heading over to there apartment complex and look for him myself. If I find him, I’m taking him to the shelter (it is a no-kill shelter) and have them find a new home for him.

He’s NOT going back to those people. Sorry. Not gonna happen.


On the other hand . . .

I AM SO SO SO looking forward to bootcamp tonight. I’m hoping we get to hit things. I don’t think we will though.

Okay, I’m off to wrap up work, trade cars with Papa Italian and head off to bootcamp to blow off some steam. (He’s threatened burpies! Grrrrrr!)


No, not really. But sheesh!



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