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Bootcamp Therapy

Oh my word!

Today is a FAR better day than yesterday was.

I did make it to bootcamp last night (and wanted to hurl about halfway through). I honestly think that’s what made the difference. I went fairly hard . . . for most of it. Sets of burpees after burpees has a way of getting to a person.

Burpees + push-ups + squats = a brutal bootcamp night.

Loved it though. I went to the in-laws, traded vehicles with Papa Italian and went home.

I think I had the world’s best shower last night too. It just felt THAT good.

It did help I finally broke out my Arbonne sea salt scrub that I won at a Arbonne party in the early fall of last year.

Sorta like this but a sea salt scrub. From the same line.

So I got out of the shower all lavender-y smelling and TOTALLY ready to crash.

Honestly? I’ve not slept that hard in a LONG time.

Our TV goes off at 5 to get the Italian up and give him a head start on getting dressed and such. I normally hear it go off and am able to half listen to the weather. I only remember it turning on, my Italian telling me it was 5:30, then at 6 saying that it was time to get up. Even at 6, the last thing I wanted to do was peel myself from that nice warm bed. Especially when Rufus-monster was snuggled right next to me.

I’m going to sleep SO! good tonight too.

I’ve got 4 bootcamp sessions left on my groupon offer. I’m really gonna miss Glatter Fitness when it’s over. 😦

I’d continue it, but it’s bit out of our price range (especially with trying to buy a house and have a baby this year).

Meh . . . yoga, row machine, body pump and body combat here I come!



One thought on “Bootcamp Therapy

  1. It’s amazing what a really good shower (or bath) can do, isn’t it?

    Posted by Sagan | January 30, 2011, 8:00 pm

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