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No, not the singer. Though I really like her.

Me . . . not that I’ve forgotten about this blog . . . completely.

And it’s not that there’s been nothing to write about.

Quite the opposite actually.

Some things I’m just waiting to come to conclusion before I talk about here.

January saw the beginning (and end) of boot camp training with Glatter Fitness. To be honest . . . I miss it!

I ended up doing 3 of the 4  weeks that I got with the Groupon deal. The final week I was layed up Tuesday with a wonky back.

I went to Dr. M, my chiropractor, and he adjusted my pelvic bones (if his hand had been near me I’d have bit him! OUCH!) and made it all better. Apparently they were massively out of wack.

Thursday I was nervous, as it was the first day since the previous Saturday that I’d felt back to normal and I didn’t want to do anything crazy to it.

That Saturday, it was cold!! By the time I’d gotten my car defrosted I’d have been 15 minutes late. #EPIC #FAIL!

I was massively NOT happy.

After a week of no exercising, the Italian gave me the thumbs up and I raced off to American Family and am now a member there . . .

Where I’ve been trying to kill myself for the past week.

However, I am down to 204 (as of this morning).  As of this evening . . . my calves are finally talking to me again. (They don’t like the row machine, neither do my hands for that matter . . . blisters anyone?)

This past Wednesday I thought . . . since I did 3 weeks of bootcamp . . . I’d try  AFF’s bootcamp.

Yea . . . No one told me they were crazy!

I honestly thought I was going to die about 10 minutes into it.

But . . . I managed to stick it out and survived. Have I mentioned how much I HATE cardio?

Alas my next visit to the torture chamber (aka boot camp) won’t be until the Wednesday after this one . . . unless I lose my mind and attempt their morning class. Though something tells me I’ll have to wear a muzzle, because I’m likely to bite a bitch first thing in the morning.

Have I mentioned I don’t do morning well either?

Lots more fun coming down the shoot. March is going to be an exciting month (but I’m not going to say why . . . yet.)

Stay tuned!

I promise I won’t be gone so long this time!



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