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House Excuses

Ooops . . . So about this time a month ago I wrote about being MIA . . . then I proceeded to disappear again.

I’ve really just not felt like writing . . . or being communicative. I’ve immersed myself IRL and am at peace with it.

Not that I haven’t thought . . . worried . . . guilt myself over neglecting this blog. I have. But overall . . . It’s been busy!

In my last post I mentioned we bought a house.

We closed this past Thursday.

. . . . drum roll . . .

I present our new house!

These pictures came from the ad that was placed. I didn't take them.

Isn’t it CUTE!

I am totally in love with this HOUSE!

At the same time it is the source of all of my STRESS!

Oy . . .

Vey . . . .

I’ll tell you about the crazy stressfullness later . . . maybe after it’s all done? Or not.

I’d show you the inside, but I only have the pictures from the online ad.


I’m headed over tonight sans camera . . . of course. But will try to get some pictures before we get moved in.

Mom and I pained the dining room. It looks fantastic!

Currently, Papa Italian and one of the cousins are ripping out the carpet (which really doesn’t need to be ripped up, except my Italian will DE-STROY it with his wheelchair; it’s beautiful carpet) and putting in laminate.

Papa Italian actually just called to warn me of the mess of the house right now. I’m dropping some dishes that have been living at work off at the house and putting them in the dishwasher. So I’ll be relegated to the kitchen only anyway.

Speaking of which . . . I need to dash off there.

Pictures soon . . . PROMISE!

And we’re moving Saturday. So if you’re in Richmond and want to help lemme know!! Would love the help.

I’ll even feed you! (No, I have no shame. Why?)



2 thoughts on “House Excuses

  1. Girlie – where are those pictures?? LOL I hope you are enjoying the new house. Major congrats. It looks beautiful!

    Posted by Hypogirl | March 28, 2011, 10:03 pm
    • Hey! LOVING! The new house. The ramp in the back is almost done too!

      Sad thing is . . . my camera is sitting on the counter in the kitchen. . . *sheesh!* I have no excuse.
      (I’m sure I could think one up though!)

      Posted by bardess | March 29, 2011, 4:50 pm

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