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Yay for weekends!

So I had a whole list of stuff to do for this weekend and was going to be very very productive.

Yea . . . That didn’t so much happen.

Mom and I walked the Monument 10k on Saturday. Towards the end I pulled away and ended up with a 1h 40 min time. It’s what I did last year, so I’m happy with it. Especially since I’ve been completely distracted with moving this year and didn’t feel ready for it at all!

I LOVE my mom. As we were walking to the where our group was starting we were talking about just skipping the start and showing up at the end. (1/2 in jest . . . I think)

Mom said

Anyone can start and finish. But we’re so good we finish without even starting!

Or something along those lines. I’m paraphrasing horribly. It was hilarious!

After the race, I made Tuna Salad sandwiches for lunch for Mom and I. (nope, no pictures. Was too hungry. They were scarfed pretty quickly.)

Since the sky was starting to darken, Mom headed back up home and I settled in front of the TV for a bit.  I quickly surrendered to nappie time and passed out for 3 hours, when my Italian came home.

I wasn’t up for long though . . . I got up, ate something and crawled back in bed. It was FANTASTIC!

Sunday was my productive day. After church my plan was to go to the gym and check out 2 of their classes I hadn’t tried before . . . yeah . . . not so much.

By the time I got home I’d gotten distracted and pulled in about 5 different directions.

Instead of the gym I:
-made chicken hearts and rice
-hung clothes out on the line
-started putting together a shelf for my clothes for our room
-put the basket for my clothes for our room together
-looked for Rufus (who has been MIA since Saturday night when I let him outside)
– cleaned up the kitchen
-swept the kitchen and laundry room
-cleaned out Rufus’s litter box
-put the office bookshelf together
-emptied a box of books and a box of CD’s

A productive day if you ask me.  Maybe next weekend I can do 2 productive days in a row.

Alright . . . I need to get back to pretending to work.



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