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Checking in

Believe it or not . . . I am still alive.

I’ve even thought about posting occasionally. It’s just I think about it when I’m no where near a computer.

With the move and all, I’ve not mentioned a lot about what’s going on with me weight loss wise.

Well, right now I’m bouncing between 204 and 207.  Considering 3 months ago I was poised to break the 200lb barrier, I’m more than a little frustrated.

Albeit, if I’m truly honest . . . I gained back quite a bit of weight over the move and am only now getting back to the gym regularly.  And my eating habits leave plenty to be desired yet.

I am full on addicted to soda at the moment. I can’t say for certain whether it’s the sugar or the caffeine. I do know that on the weekends (the time when I  can usually successfully abstain from soda), recently, I have been getting the WORST headaches. And they’re usually gone by Monday mid-morning.


I need to replace soda with smoothies again. Then smoothies with water . . .

I’ve broken my soda habit before.

And no. It’s not diet coke (ick!). It’s the real thing. Coke, sometimes Pepsi if Coke is tasting to acidic that day.

On the plus side of things, I’ve taken to scheduling out my work-outs for the week. Provided I’m sitting at the table with the Italian doing it and showing him what the final product is, I’m pretty good at sticking to it.

I have become completely addicted to Body Combat, a mixed martial arts Aerobic/Cardio class at my gym. One of the gyms closed on June 1 and Memorial Day they had a 90min. Combat class to send off that location.
I only thought I was going to throw up once!!

Talk about a fantastic, but brutal class. Even the instructors were dead by the end of it.

Since that location has closed they’ve rearranged the schedule at other gyms, so I’m only getting my Combat fix twice a week. 😦 sad.

But they’ve got lots of other fun classes too. And then there’s the ol’ trusty row machine if I don’t feel like participating (though I do a FAR BETTER job when I’ve got people telling me what to do than when I’ve got to figure it out on my own).

Well, it’s almost 11 and I need to be able to function on some level tomorrow. So g’night!


(Nope, still not pregnant.)



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