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Last night was Body Combat night. (LOVE Body Combat) My eyebrows started sweating! (or so I’m claiming. What else could it be when the sweat runs into your eyes.) I learned something last night too. Eating before hand . . . helps immensely.  I ended up eating a banana and hard boiled egg on my way to the gym (okay, down the elevator to my car after work). Those two items held me through Combat and kept me going through Body Flow. After that . . . STARVING!

I stopped by Tropical Smoothie (Health Nut w/ whey protein & no sugar) and downed another hard boiled egg once I got home. (Love hard boiled eggs. Don’t know why I don’t make them more often!)

On the scale side of things, I’m back down to 202.6 . . . again. I’m hoping to make it under 200 this time around. I should be able to do it. (fingers crossed!) I’ve started tracking food again, this time it’s not to figure out what I’m eating but to make sure I’m eating enough and in the right proportions. I’m not quite there yet.

Ideally I’d like to be eating 30 -45% protein and then splitting fat and carbs between the rest w/ carbs shrinking. Haven’t gotten it down and won’t today either. (Cherries are in season! Yum!!)

Tonight’s work-out is Sh’Bam and the weight circuit, finishing it up by a brisk walk on the treadmill or a couple intervals on the row machine (I can’t decide and probably won’t decide until I get to that point).

Besides working out like a fiend (I’m on day 6 in a row. RECORD!), we’re staying pretty busy. Our garden is exploding with squash and zucchini. The tomatoes are growing (I can’t wait for fresh tomatoes!!) and the beans are flowering. OH! And the lettuce is exploding! Tonight or tomorrow I need to go do some serious harvesting. 

I did have to bring our spinach in because the heat was KILLing it.

So how are you?

I miss you guys!



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