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Good ol’ Google Reader. How long I’ve neglected you. (Bad Em! Bad!)

Instead of doing work today (Yes, I’m slacking.) I found myself clicking on Google Reader because for a second I had forgotten what that was. (Hypo/Hashi brain anyone?)

Honestly, it was a happy accident. I rediscovered All The Weigh.

I forgot how much I absolutely love Kenz! (Really. I’ve never met the woman, but I absolutely adore her.) I’m actually catching up on her blog as I write this (in case it seems more disjointed than usual).

What I love about her is that she’s so wonderfully refreshingly real.

Not that all the other bloggers out there aren’t real people too, but she just seems like a real live person.

Catching up on her blog has given me a fresh kick-in-the pants to get back to this whole blogging thing. Not just the writing, but finding those real people in the blogging community again. (Or the real people who I connect to . . . I think is what I’m trying to say.)

I’ve been neglectful in that recently. I’ve gone inward and pulled away, but it’s been a good thing. The inward searching has helped and I’ve found me again. My voice is still coming.

Thank you for being patient with me as I sporadically blog and spaztically tweet. (I don’t think Spaztically is a word. But I typed it right?)

Love all you guys!!



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