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Clutter Clutter Everywhere

Ugh. I never quite realized how cluttered our house is/was until last night.

I went next door to help my neighbor/friend make zucchini bread and zucchini hummus.


We planted a garden this year and we’ve had zucchini coming out of our ears, so we gave our neighbors a couple HUGE zucchini.

(Sorry the picture is so small. Facebook is not playing nice.)

Anyway, I went next door and we were making the zucchini bread and hummus and did so without completely destroying her kitchen. (Jealous!) Albeit, she does have more counter space than we do, but even so her counters weren’t cluttered. Maybe I need to learn something?

It made cooking (and the clean-up afterwards) tons easier.

Then of course there’s the front room box clutter. All of the stuff we haven’t unpacked yet, the pictures that haven’t been hung, stuff that needs to go back to their owners (ie. a huge rubbermaid bin of painting supplies. Thanks Michelle!) and other random things.

If you look to your left you’ll see the buffet that’s on the wall just in front of our front door (which next to never gets used) and it’s piled high with more paint stuff, my record/cd/tape/radio, our mini tool box and other randomness.

Opposite end of the room through the doorway is our family room. Immediately to your right are two fairly large half bookcases that have stuff littered through out underneath the bookcases are cabinets that hide boxes of china that need to be unpacked.  Next to that is a box of fragile decorations that is still taped up tight from the move. Moving to the corner is our big black leather lazyboy that I have  claimed as my corner. My knitting is in a basket and the table-lamp (it’s a lamp that has a little table around it) is cluttered with the dust-buster, my latest lab results, and other random bits of stuff.

Across the room is our (still) new couch. It’s got South River Compounding bags, my gym bag and more randomness littered all over it. (I think the Evil Lady’s 30-Day Shred is in there . . . would anyone like that?)

If you walk straight with our couch on the left you’ll either walk straight out the back door or hand an immediate left into our cluttered kitchen. Tomatoes, (more!) South River Compounding Pharmacy bags, dirty dishes, clean dishes, the zucchini mountain, mail (well, my mail. The Italian takes his back to his office). . . *sigh*

That tour doesn’t even touch our dining room which still has kitchen gadgets on it from when we had an ant explosion and I cleared off our counters when the bug sprayer lady  exterminator came.  We’ve gotten most of the boxes out of there (they’re living in the front room).

All of that to say . . . I’m drowning in clutter! (Lets not even talk about the mess that is my side of the room right now!)

While I got rid of a lot of stuff when we moved, I’m thinking it’s time to purge again . . . Apparently I didn’t get rid of enough!

Well that . . . and my storage areas aren’t very well organized. The shed is full of *STUFF* I’m not sure what half of it is, because it was left over from the previous owner.  And honestly, the only time I go in there right now is to pull out the lawn mower or the weed eater. . . edger . . . What. Ever.

So, back over at the neighbor’s house . . . While it’s not spotless . . . it’s put away.

Maybe it’s time I redo my storage areas and find homes for everything?

Especially since they’re coming over for lunch on Sunday. Hrmm . . . 




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