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Open Letter

Dear Co-Worker,

Lets get some things straight.

a. I am not one of your children.

b. I’m not getting an attitude.

c. Don’t offer to help on something I can do 3x faster than you can anyway.

d. Stop being fake.

You annoy me and, most of the time, I can keep my annoyance under wraps. But if you’re looking for something and claiming its not there and I tell you what the title is . . .

DO NOT get snippy with me and tell me you know what it looks like. I’m sure you do. You seem fairly intelligent. But don’t accuse me of getting an attitude after you get snippy just because I decide to drop my phone into the receiver (okay so I may have put it down harder than it needed, but it was either that or tell her what I thought . . . hrmm . . . ).

I don’t need your “I’m so important” “I’m above the rules that I make you abide by” bull-shit. I really don’t care about your spoiled rotten children. I appreciate that you have to work very hard to raise them on your own, but they’re monsters! They have you wrapped around their pinkies.

Really? You cook 3 different meals at night because each one wants something different?

Lets do this . . . lets just be cordial and pretend the other doesn’t exist if we don’t have to. I’ll tell you if I need something and you let me know if you need me to do something.

Otherwise get away from me. Don’t talk to me. Go do something in your office. I don’t care what.


By 9am you had already managed to give me a headache and I’d not been in the office 30 minutes yet.

I REALLY don’t like you.

How about we revisit all of this after the move when maybe you won’t be as bitchy.





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