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Running Into the Past

I wish I knew why I allow people to do that.

To upset me so much I’m off balance the rest of the day. I spent yesterday evening/last night completely drained.

Honestly, I simply wanted to cry thinking about having to go into work today.

I really just wanted to run away. But where I wanted to run away doesn’t exist anymore. I mean most of the people are still there, the town is still there, but I wanted to run into the past.

I didn’t feel like I had a place there when I was there, but when I get in moods like this, that’s where I want to run to. I think it’s because there I had a safe place to cry. Where I could completely fall apart and know that I was safe.

Why is it as we get older we hold back tears? Why is that perceived as weakness?

I find crying to be a refreshing and cleansing experience. It’s physically, mentally and emotionally draining. But it’s also a freeing thing.

When was the last time you had a good cry?

I need to find a safe place to cry again. Somewhere surrounded by people (I know and trust) but totally alone. 


. . . Crap . . . this wasn’t supposed to be posted until tomorrow morning . . . oh well!



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