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It’s Not All Bad

I can’t begin to tell you what a good night’s sleep does for my psyche.

I had meant to have the last post published yesterday morning, but hit publish as soon as I was done with it.

Oops . . .

It was a happy accident though. (Even if I did take the time to write it in the past tense!) Yesterday I was determined to not let anyone under my skin. And I actually had a good day!

Today’s been a fairly good day too.

BBM’s secretary is out for the week so I have taken over her shift, 8:30 – 5:30. I love it . . . except for the fact that I’m missing some of my favorite classes that start at 5:45. But what can you do. (My legs are STILL sore from Monday’s class . . . ooowwwwwwch!)

Tonight is Body Pump which I am VERY excited about.

But before that I have to (1) pick up my relay.com order (Yay for Groupon! SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!) (2) pick up refills of my adrenal supplement and symplex f (both to help my thyroid, adrenals and other bits of my endocrine system work better) and (3) get my gym clothes from home (I forgot to pack them this morning . . . )

OH! But why I said I’m working a later shift was not to say all of that it was this . . .

I love having the extra time in the morning to snuggle with the Italian until I can finally wake up.  Normally he’s already up and putting the head of the bed up so I will get out of bed. This week I’ve gotten to snuggle a little bit with him before we have to get up. YAY!!

And the bonus? It’s almost Friday!!! Happy happy happy!

Here I come crazy hectic weekend! (Maybe while I’m up in Fredericksburg I can hit Carl’s? Hrmm . . . )



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