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Peeking In

This blog has been on my mind quite a bit since 2012 has began.Bu

Okay, I lie.

It really started somewhere around Christmas. Decorating our new house for Christmas (on Christmas day) and sending pictures of the decoration I put on my Grandma Richards’ buffet to my parents got me thinking about how much I missed (and didn’t miss) blogging. 

I missed the therapeutic writing out of what was in my head. 

I didn’t miss the pressure of feeling like I must write a post every day.

I’ve thought about abandoning this and starting over . . . but I would simply abandon the next one too. 

Eventually. Maybe.

Instead, I’m picking right back up where I left off. 

 . . . Sort of . . . 

So this is me peeking in. Wondering if anyone is still out there. 

Where am I now?

Weight Wise

I’m still on track. 

Sorta. I lied again.

While I’m under 200lbs still (YIPEE!) I gained about 8lbs over the holidays. I’ve lost 2 of those pounds and am working on the rest.

Exercise Wise

I’m trying not be flaky. 

I belong to American Family. They’ve added a couple new classes that look totally awesome.

Hot Yoga (YAY!)

Hoopnotica – a hula hooping class. (In other words, I fail miserably . . . maybe. We’ll see. I’m trying it out tomorrow.)

Those are the 2 newest classes.

They introduced mid-year last year a class called CX Works. It’s a core class. I’ve not tried it out yet, but that is on my calendar for Friday. 

Yes. I’m scurred.

I’m still taking Body Combat on Saturday mornings. But that’s about it anymore.

It makes me sad. But my office moved buildings (again!) this past August and there is no way I can get to the gym and get changed in time to make it by 5:45. 😦 This makes me VERY sad. But I try to take it when I can get time off. 

Though . . . they do have it at 6am on Thursday mornings. *yawn* I need to get my butt up on Thursday mornings and just go. 

But mornings are HARD! (read in the whiny Fran Drescher sounding voice) 

The getting up and getting out the door part I mean. Once I’m there, I’m usually good. It’s the getting there part. (WHINE!)

Food Wise

Do you remember me discussing how I thought I was gluten-intolerant? 

Turns out I am. (Did I ever talk about that?) 

I’ve been working with a compounding pharmacist and his nutritionist the latter half of 2011 and they’ve done a lot to get me healthier. 

(Prepare for more whining)

Gluten-free is a lot harder than when I was just playing with it! 

I’ve had no problem cutting bread out. It’s the breaded items that I miss most. Chicken nuggets. . . from Chik-fil-a especially. (Okay, yes, occasionally, I still get them. Then my blood work comes back, my antibodies are still through the roof (so more than occasionally?) and I get lectured by my dear compounding pharmacist.)

But happiness! (yes, I’m ADD . . . but you already knew that right?) While in the midst of my whining about chick-fil-a nuggets I decided to google gluten-free chick-fil-a nuggets. And lo-and-behold


I think I’m in love . . . 

Now, if only there were as easy to access as the glutenous ones. *le sigh* 

One can’t have it all can they? 

Oh well. 

I’m off to do some actual work before my lunch break starts. 

Until next time! (Whenever that may be . . . )




One thought on “Peeking In

  1. Yup! Still here. And listening. And excited for you!

    Posted by beej | January 5, 2012, 9:37 am

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