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How my thyroid is like the Backstreet Boys

So I went to visit the vampire on the 2nd to get blood work done and see how my levels were doing.

Umm . . . Yea. So I got those results back yesterday.

It’s not pretty.

My TSH (which is all my GP took) was 7.71 (That’s BAD!) That’s higher than my levels when I was initially diagnosed. (I don’t remember what they were before.)

My GP sent my labs to Dr. Mini-Giant (my endo) and I went to see him today. . . he didn’t raise my meds . . . I just realized that! Instead he took more blood and I guess will get back to me on it. Huh . . . Poopie stinkie fartie mess!

I’m thinking I’m going to up my own doseages to 2.5 grains (he did mention that). But I HATE cutting those damn pills! Armour pills are itty-bitty anyway.

I don’t know.

It’s funny what a little bit of knowledge does.

Though looking back it explains a lot of what was going on. Lack of focus, lack of attention . . . ooooh shiny! 

I’m sorry what was I saying?

My inability to process information or remember words . . . (Yea, I’ve been hysterical to be around because I can’t remember simple everyday words, but give me a big word . . . no problem! Just don’t ask me to spell either.)

And my desperate need for caffeine (I’ve started back up with a cup of coffee in the morning again . . . I never do that!). The past few days exhaustion has set in. I don’t know if it’s BECAUSE I know my thyroid is severely out of wack and I’m just making the most of it (on a subconscious level) or if I’m just now more aware of how I’m feeling and why I’m feeling that way.

On a side note . . . I mashed up some garlic this morning for dinner and my hands still smell like garlic . . . I swear I’ve washed them a million times today. Good thing I like the smell of garlic!



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