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OUCH!! My shoulder hurts . . .

I’ve not worked out in almost a week and half because my shoulder hurts. I think I must have tweaked it somehow weekend before last when I had a fantabulous, but rough weekend of working out.

I did go to see Dr. M, my chiropractor today. 2 days early, but I was in pain! He adjusted my shoulders, my back, my neck, my shoulder blades . . . everything that could be adjusted. (I think my hips are moving out of alignment again, they felt off when he adjusted them . . . not painful, just crooked . . . is that weird to notice?) My shoulder felt pretty good for a couple hours . . . then it started hurting again.

Right now I’m on the couch, with my stinky butt cat (Rufus just farted . . . gyaaa!) , icing my shoulder. I’m hoping this and the Biofreeze (sorta like IcyHot) will help for the night. In the morning I’ll biofreeze my shoulder again and take it to work with me and re-apply as necessary.

The problem is. It’s my right shoulder. I’m left-handed. Anything of any significant weight or requiring brute force or strength gets done with my right hand.

Bags? right shoulder

Carrying things? right hand

Opening doors? right hand/shoulder

So it’s not really getting much rest. Though I am trying to rest it as much as I can. Because it IS getting a hard work-out in Combat on Saturday. I miss working out like a  mad woman.

I’m thinking if it doesn’t feel better by Saturday, (I think stinky butt Rufus wants to say something. He keeps climbing on my netbook, but won’t touch the keyboard . . . ) I’m going to try healing my shoulder by abusing it with Body Combat, Body Flow and beginner Pitaiyo over the weekend and continuing the abuse on into the week.

Monday – Butts, Guts & More

Tuesday – CX Works & Sh’Bam (and if I’m feeling really brutal Hot Yoga)

Wednesday- My night off. The Italian goes to the pool so I vacuum and sweep the house.

Thursday -. . . . I forget. I think it’s OH!! Hoopnotica . . . oh wait no. I’m going out to dinner with my fantabulous Mary Kay neighbor.

Friday – more CX works.

Rinse and repeat the weekend.

Fun times to be had by all.

So how are you doing? I hope no ouchies are involved!



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