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Kitchen Confidence

Having to go gluten-free and having a penny-pinching husband has created a sense of confidence in the kitchen.

At the beginning of January we went through our freezer, pantry and refrigerator (does anyone else feel like there should be a “d” in refrigerator? Just me? Okay.) and did an inventory on everything we had.

Then I created a menu based on the food we had in the kitchen. It’s caused me to have to be quite a bit more creative and a lot more daring, which has led to my new sense of confidence.

It helps that I finally made three batches of gluten-free flour mixes and have figured out that one can be used like an all-purpose flour. (I also toss about a tsp of xanthum gum just to make sure it’s got a gluten-like substance in there. That’s what gums do right?) Though I’ve not been completely successful with pizza and pizza like products, I’m getting there.

Using an inventory of food for a month of planning meals isn’t exactly fun because I have a back log of 3 or 4 months of meals I want to try out and finding new ones all the time.  But once we eat through pretty much everything in our refrigerator and freezer, then I can become a little more creative again.

We didn’t grocery shop for a month, we still hit the grocery every week, but our bill (with the exception of this past week) has been around $25-30. I splurged on a few things this week. Raw honey and gluten-free oats.

Is there such a thing as almond buttermilk?

If there is, then maybe I can turn my almond milk into almond buttermilk and soak my oats in that. Because soaking them in water and lemon juice leaves them not tasting so good. . .




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