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Fueling Air

The Italian and I got to have a really good conversation this weekend.

Mentally I’ve been not in the best place. Fighting a bout of depression that’s stronger than I’ve had to deal with in quite a while. (It’s a regular battle, usually one that’s not terribly hard to work through. This bout . . . let’s say the consideration of anti-depressants came up and was almost seriously considered.)

Talking to the Italian, I’ve realized that a good chunk of difficulty with this battle has to do with my lack of exercise recently. When I’m working out ALL. THE. TIME. I’m actually in a far better place in my head.

Which brings me to this evening . . .

My plan was to head out of work at 5 and aim to be at the gym and ready to go for Body Combat at 5:45.

Weeeeeell . . . 5:20 found me sitting at my desk at work. (oops!)

So I decided to hit the 6:45 class. Butts, Guts & More.

Muscular Endurance & Strength Training that focuses on the Glutes, Abdominals, Legs & the large muscle groups of the upper body. All fitness levels.

Okay. This description does not give credit to the torture that happened this evening.


Not since Glatter Fitness Boot Camp have I so desperate wanted to tell the instructor how much I hated them. On top of that, the class was PACKED!

About halfway through the class I had to leave . . . there was no air in the room!

I did go back but ended up leaving with 15 minutes left. I was crouched down trying to suck in as much air as I could and he was talking about squat jumps and jumping jacks.

I’m ashamed, but at that point I threw in the towel and went home.

My Italian was getting ready for bed (poor guy is catching a cold) and we talked about my exercise fail (did I mention I fell on my ass doing deep squats? Yea . . . histerical).

My lack of adequate fueling did TONS to my failing to finish the class. Let’s just say I ate crap all day today. So I really didn’t have a lot to pull from this evening. Now I know.


and water . . .


I knew this, but now I know fer. real.

I’ll say this though, despite failing at my workout, I’m tired, but in a far better place mentally than I have been in a long time. Discussing it with my Italian did wonders too.

I ❤ Him! 🙂

It’s almost 11. Time for this girl to pass out.

G’night all!




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