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Rutting It

I’m tired today. Not so much physically tired though. More a mental I-REALLY-don’t-want-to-be-doing-this-again-stuck-in-a-rut sort of tired.

I’ve been feeling particularly restless recently. The problem is I’m not entirely sure why. Is it time to jump ship vocationally? But there’s really not a lot out there. Especially since I’m the primary bread winner. I feel sort of stuck in this job.
It could all boil down to I am, yet again, not working out enough. I’ve got pent up energy that I’m not recognizing and it’s depressing me. (I know, strange right?) That is the only thing I can think of.
I mean I’ve got:
  •  an amazing husband
  •  a good job (even if I’m not totally thrilled by it)
  •  a fairly fun side gig (Arbonne)
  •  a beautiful house
To be honest, life is good. So what the hell is my problem!
I think it’s not working out enough again. I need to get back in the gym and simply train my body into exhaustion. I think that’s the avenue I’m going to pursue right now. Let’s see where that leads.
I am excited about tonight’s class though. My gym has just started a hot yoga class. I’m going to try to get to that tonight.
Maybe it will turn out better than Hoopnotica did last Thursday. Apparently I still can’t hula hoop. I was never terribly good at it as a child. But it’s a fun class!
I’m not taking it this Thursday because I’m going to see Dr. M, my chiropractor. He prefers I don’t work out after getting adjusted. Which makes sense. But mmmmeeeeeeh! I probably should try to get to the 6am (YAWN) Body Combat class on Thursday morning.
So how are you? Where’s your head at?
Mine is really getting better. I can’t tell you the therapeutic effect of just writing. I’m sorry I’ve been a bit dark recently. I am getting better. Really.


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