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Life Gluten & Clutter Free

I’ve been mostly gluten-free for a while (the occasional illegal treat . . . sometimes more occasional than others). It’s not been easy since the Italian is not.


He’s going gluten-free for me! At least at home (or when his parents send glutenous left-overs home with him).

So this makes me happy. It also adds a bit more to my plate . . . in the kitchen. Since we’re not buying breakfast bars for him anymore, I will be making them (and eating them). I’ll also be making all of our bread again. (I’m truly and totally excited about this!!)

So my question.

Where do I find flours in bulk for reasonable prices?

The Italian would NOT be happy spending all of our grocery budget on flours . . . But if I convinced him that it would even out over several months . . . *le sigh*

But maybe I don’t need mass quantities of flour?

I do know I need mass quantities of oats though. Or a cheaper way to buy the oats then at the grocery. They’re expensive! Though I’m finding Bob’s Red Mill is fairly expensive.

I’ve also been hit with the need to declutter my home. Though that’s just only been in the past few hours so we’ll see if that actually lasts when I get home . . .

I’m guessing not. I’ll get home, look at my office, my side of the bed and go sit on the couch and play Sims2 until it’s time to go pick up the Italian from the pool. Yes. I’m addicted to Sims2.

I figure though, if I start with my clothes and get rid of the stuff that’s too big, too worn or I just simply don’t like anymore and put the rest away, then I’ll have a better picture of what I have clothes wise and what I need for summer. You see I’m convinced that I have next to no summer clothes for work and I need some. But I’ve got the feeling if I pulled out all of my clothes I’d be surprised that I’ve got stuff. But I don’t know for sure.

The decluttering is also brought to a head by the fact that we’re offering to house someone who’s from out of town. The problem is the room they’ll be staying in (my office) looks like something out of Hoarders . . . almost. And for them to stay there we need to clean it out and move furniture around.

In order for me to have a place to keep my Arbonne supplies, I’m going to have to move my office into the Italian’s office, which means more moving and possibly getting rid of furniture . . . unless . . .

OOH! Closet office!

This is my favorite.

But I think I’d want it to be temporary, because when we have kids (if we have kids while we’re hosting this person, if we host this person) the Italian’s office will become the nursery . . . but they probably won’t need the closet quite yet. They won’t need it until they’re older right?

I’m so confused right now.  But I’m also getting WAY ahead of myself.

We are trying for chitlens (still) but we’re not pregnant yet (Or I’m not pregnant yet).

And if I do turn the closet into my office . . . I need to unpack and clean that out. Actually most of the house needs to be reorganized.

Anyone want to come over and help me reorganize the house? I’ll feed you! (No. I’m not above bribing. Why do you ask?)

So, I’ll start with my clothes, then I’ll move to my office . . . or should I start in the Italian’s office . . . or the shed? 

This is why Christmas is still up in my home. It’s all far too overwhelming!



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