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Let’s Get High

Yesterday evening I missed my bootcamp class.

I’m only mildly upset about it. I was in a more important place. The Ambulatory Care Center at VCU. (Oh how I still want to call it MCV. In my head it will be perpetually MCV. Just like people call Martin’s Ukrops still. The Italian does it, not as often, but he still does it. It cracks me up. It’s a Richmond thing I do believe.)

We were meeting with the Italian’s rehab doc. He refilled his pump and adjusted his baclofen dose. (Baclofen is a muscle relaxer used to help control spasms and spacticity in TBI and MS patients. The Italian is a TBI patient.) He also set him up with physical therapy to work on his balance and pointed us in a nuerological direction, which is where I was thinking we needed to head anyway. Even if its just to cross that off the list of suspects.

The funny thing about the Italian’s adjustments is that whether we go up or down in the adjustment, he feels REALLY good for about 4 days before he returns back to normal. He functions really well, his energy level is up, his strength is up and then a few days later . . . back to normal . . . *sigh*

It’s what I call his baclofen high. That’s where we are right now. We both enjoy it while he’s there and pack in as much as we can. 

All in all, we’re in a good place right at this moment. Even after the high wears off, we’ll hopefully be headed in the right direction.

And I’m looking forward to getting back to bootcamp tomorrow night. (I’m enjoying the time off from working out, my muscles seem happier too.)

So what’s going on with you?




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