Who’s UnearthingEm?

This Is Me!

Who is UnearthingEm? Above! That’s me! Well . . . that’s one of the favorite pictures of me (Excuse the messy sink).

I started this blog, initially as a weight loss blog. I needed to lose some weight and found when I was online discussing my attempt to shed a few pounds I was more successful.

But then . . . I got bored.

There is SO MUCH more to life than just weight loss. Don’t people call it a “life-style change” anyway?

So why not address all of it!

Especially when you’re a messy married to a cleanie. Throw in fur-children, an autoimmune thyroid disease and 76 pounds to lose . . . It’s craziness!

Welcome to my life!

I started my “weight-loss journey” officially at 222.2 pounds. My goal is 145.

However, if I don’t make 145, I’m not going to be terribly upset about it.  My in-between goal is 180.

But if that’s where my body calls it quits, this I do know:

  1. I’ll be a healthier 180 than when I was there before
  2. I’ll be a stronger 180 than when I was there before
  3. I’ll be a more self-aware 180 than when I was there before

I’m still putting this blog together, so if pages pop up and disappear . . . bear with me. I’m learning as I go.

This is the Em, behind UnearthingEm. I imagine as I figure out what exactly I’m doing with this life thing, I’ll focus more. But right now, it’s exercise and learning what my body likes. (Yoga, fats, and meat with a healthy doseage of green and other brightly colored stuff naturally!)

I’d love to hear back. Either leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail! (I don’t bite . . . much or hard!) E-mail is bardessblogger AT gmail DOT com



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