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As things come to a close

I’ve been wrestling with closing this blog down for a long time now. I think that time has come. UnearthingEM, however is not going anywhere. Rather it’s changing. My Italian, Mike, is joining me and we’re going to start a blog about together. It’s still in its formation stage.  We’re discussing what it will look … Continue reading

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Maybe because it’s 3am or maybe because the internet, texting, auto-correct, and spell check have dumped my vocabulary down . . . But I’m having a hard time with Madeline L’Engle’s A Circle of Quiet. The first book in the Crosswick Journals. She admits she is obsessed with words. Obsessed isn’t the right word . … Continue reading

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Random Scoping!

I’ve recently downloaded the Periscope app and have enjoyed watching people’s broadcasts. I thought I’d give it a try myself. And as usual, thought I’d just wing it! *sigh* This is why I like writing. I don’t have to think on my feet. Of course creating the periscope was pure impulse, so maybe it’d be … Continue reading

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Moving On into 2016

Hi! So since my last post almost a year ago, I’ve not been putting on my own oxygen ask first and I have welcomed 2016 an exhausted, empty, wasteland of a person. Last year’s word was Intentional. I was anything but in 2015. I had thought about carrying the word over into 2016 and truly … Continue reading

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Starting over with Oxygen Masks

Wow, so it’s been since July of last year since I ventured onto this site and wrote something. Seems like July of last year I stopped doing a lot of things. I stopped working out on a regularly, writing, being creative. I started existing. Not consciously. It was more of a subtle slipping away of … Continue reading

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Tell Me Yours

I love stories. Other people’s stories.  What has caught my attention most recently though is, the power in stories. Not just for those who are hearing the story, but for the storyteller.  Maybe I should back up. What do you mean story? What makes you, YOU? What is your journey in life? Not just the … Continue reading

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Let’s Get High

Yesterday evening I missed my bootcamp class. I’m only mildly upset about it. I was in a more important place. The Ambulatory Care Center at VCU. (Oh how I still want to call it MCV. In my head it will be perpetually MCV. Just like people call Martin’s Ukrops still. The Italian does it, not … Continue reading

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How 1 Word Can Shape A Year

2014 has been a rough year so far. (I know, great way to start a post after an almost year and half – 2 year absence.) The Italian and I are still living in the little house we bought. I am still working as a receptionist for a lobbying firm. The Italian is working for … Continue reading

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Open letter

To all my dear pregnant friends and family. I love you all. I really do. But I just simply can’t deal right at this moment with you b ring pregnant. Whether you’re feeling great or feeling like poop. So please don’t be upset or offended if I completely ignore you or pretend like you don’t … Continue reading

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The Murphster of Mystery

I just read on facebook that this darling little puppy has died. I am absolutely devastated right now. I loved that puppy dog. The Italian and I got to dog-sit him over Christmas and the New Year. Christmas morning he must have started not feeling good and he ended up with epic diarrhea through the … Continue reading

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